We just launched the new MM2 website, and we hope you like what you see.

Why the change? After nearly 10 years, it was about the right time to have something new, of course. But the more direct reason is that we had to.

Our old site was built on Adobe Flash, and back in 2010, Flash was one of the hottest things going. Almost 30% of all websites utilized the technology at that time, and it gave us a way to do some things with the animation that was a bit out of the box.

But in the ensuing years, particularly as mobile technology came to the forefront, major players such as Apple and Google have moved in a different direction, and we’re fast approaching a new world without Flash. Adobe announced it would discontinue the technology in 2020, and already fewer than 5% of websites use it today.

So here we are with a new look, a new technology, and a new way of navigating through our content. Even without Flash technology, we’ll continue to display a bit of flash in some of the other things we do.