Larry Meltzer, Agency Principal and Creative Director

Larry Meltzer

What he does – The office cheerleader. The guy who always has ideas. The one who prompts and prods everyone to find new ways of doing things, with the end goal of excellence in mind at all times.

Where he came from – An agency guy from way back, including big, bigger, and biggest agencies.  But the most fun is where he is now.

A typical day – Pre-dawn reading of four major newspapers and scanning even more current news online. Then … a team huddle, jumping on client calls, and spending some “think time” every day for new ideas that will move clients’ businesses forward.

What he’s passionate about – Loves great ideas, no matter where they come from, as long as they aim toward a goal and connect with an audience.

Rob Martin, Agency Principal and Managing Director

Rob Martin

What he does – The thinker, the strategist. The guy who can connect point A with point Z. The one who can take a totally off-the-wall idea and bring it down to earth.

Where he came from – Corporate background in financial services, but made the move to the agency side. Worked his way up the ranks and out the door to start two different successful agencies of his own.

A typical day – First one in the office. Outlines the big things to be accomplished, tracks client projects and progress, manages the back office.  Spends time looking long and looking short.

What he’s passionate about – Loves great design and great writing. Gets excited when a result has a direct hit to the objective. Likes everything to add up.

Annette Rogers, Executive Vice President and Client Service Director

Annette Rogers

What she does – The ultimate expert on project management. Takes a complicated program with a million pieces and breaks it into every color-coded task that leads to a flawless execution. Knows so much about the media, she can tell you if, when, and where a story will run.

Where she came from – Landed at the D/FW Airport Hyatt Regency as p.r. director right out of school, but flew off to the agency world and never looked back.

A typical day – Hits the ground running as soon as the light comes on in her office. Meetings and calls keep the teams on track and aimed toward a goal, with some time reserved for “big thinking” before the day is over.

What she’s passionate about – Quality, quality and quality! Quality of work, quality of thinking, and quality of results!